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The guiding philosophy of the The 5 Angry Men company is to investigate performance tasks that take the performer out of their comfort zone; physically, intellectually and emotionally. Do You Dare Me To? is a 10 week workshop series designed for mixed-ability performance ensembles.

The workshop explores theatre-making principals in tandem with aerial performance work. The participants do not require any pre-requisite skills, just a willingness to explore in what may be a previously unfamiliar working environment. Namely, working up in the air…

We are an ensemble of performers, theatre makers, riggers and disability support workers and are well versed in all the necessary skills to create safe but challenging new performance terrains for the devising of new work. Ultimately, we aim to provide a safe framework for the participants to tell their own stories from within the structure of daring. 
If this is something you feel may be of interest, we would love the opportunity to talk more with you about this project.

Workshop series / Do you Dare me to?

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