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When they finish their performance, the 5AngryMen depart as quickly as they appeared (...) There is no talk about a curtain call, the eyes of the audience members are full of tears.''

Irina Miagkova

'THEATRE' September issue

Moscow / 2000


Was it acrobatics? Was it alternative theatre? Was it music? The Bells by 5AngryMen at Federation Square was all three.

This heart-stopping performance featured the unusual combination of musical bell-tolling and gravity-defying acrobatics to the delight of crowds.''

Hannah Francis & Ebony Bowden


Melbourne / 2018

Top Hat Chaosfrom a distance.jpg

5AngryMen is a public space theatre company committed to commentary on contemporary culture, human nature and relationships by manipulating universally clear symbols.  We are renowned for innovative and extraordinary stage design and physically arduous performances requiring enormous discipline from the performers. Our shows consistently place the ensemble at the beginning of an impossible theatrical task that must be completed - at whatever cost. To attempt the impossible necessarily exposes the paradoxes of human nature: joy & grief; triumph & defeat; heroism & cowardice; the personal quest for power & relying on community and teamwork.  This is where the theatre lies…

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